Ripplin The New MLM Trends

The strategies of MLM have evolved after much challenge. Surely the global economic crisis has paved the way for new MLM companies to explore other options. This is not just for withstanding all challenges in the market, but to keep the company as stable as possible.  Stable MLM companies gained strength over the years and it is by their efforts of constant research and studies. The new ways of MLM are now geared towards lesser of the risks of failure, and of course, more chances of success.

The New MLM
Their use of the internet is important to discover new ways of MLM. This industry has changed dramatically and so it provides more opportunities to expand the exposure of the product. As a result, it has increased chances of reaching out to customers, without any influences from friends and families. Yes, no longer will the business be built with the loyal support of loved ones, or go around the street asking strangers to invest in a certain product or company. This is because the internet can reach out to millions of people on a global scale. This happens in just a few seconds, just like a rippling effect, so a product may have millions of sales after posting an advertisement, or any other kind of marketing strategy.

How MLM Works
The new MLM works easier as compared to the traditional ones. The use of technology has gone far beyond entertainment purposes, since it can now use its businesses. On this note, the multi-level marketing. Here are the ways on how MLM works:

•    Know The New Trends. It is important to do a little market research first. Find out the MLM companies with great network, and the strategies that they used for success. In recent trends, the MLM companies of health and beauty products are successful.  The reason for this may be due to the fact that people are seeking new and natural ways to stay fit, beautiful and healthy. The products include nutritional supplements, cosmetics, muscle-gaining drinks and many more.

Another stable MLM products are the household essentials. This gained popularity over the years due to the constant marketing promotions of people, with a strong base of the network. The customers, or members, usually are mothers who opt to use products with no chemicals. In the USA alone, 50% of women already have a purchasing power to buy household products even if they only work on a part time basis. This rippling of sales and content has gained an advantage over MLM, as they increase profits more and more.

•    Build a Quality Content. Just like any other strategies in marketing, building a content that will attract customers to join the network is still the best move. This includes the potential earnings of the member, the ways of helping people grow through continuous training and support, the chances of becoming a millionaire, and so much more. This will create an interest not just in a person’s social circle, but in other sources as well. In fact, it can have a rippling effect in which it  can go globally once the content is shared by millions of people.

•    Constantly Communicate with the Network
Building a network online may be convenient but it does entail a lot of time and effort. That is one tiny bit of disadvantages in new MLM methods since there may be no personal interactions of the members of the network. Be sure to keep the members updated through email, instant messaging, mobile SMS, videos and many more. This will also serve as a communication to keep the members working for the success of the company.

self employment


6 Reasons Why Self Employment May Or May Not Be For You

It’s the American Dream. Grow up, start your own business, make a lot of money and retire wealthy. Working for one’s self can offer all these things, but is it all it’s cracked up to be? This article will discuss some of pros and cons of self employment. Keep reading to see if this lifestyle is for you.

There are approximately 15 to 20 million self-employed people in this country versus 100 million or more who work for someone else. In fact, if you are an employee, it’s likely you work for a business that was originally started by someone with a dream of self employment. Will you be the next one to do it?

3 Pros of Self Employment

1. Freedom

Is there any better feeling in the world than not having to answer to someone? Working for yourself means there’s no one looking over your shoulder, no one telling you what to do, and no one taking all the credit and getting the bulk of the rewards for your actions. It’s a good feeling.

2. Greater Income Potential

Let’s face it…if you work for someone else, you are limited to how much you can make, and that limit will most likely be less than what you want or deserve. Self employment provides the opportunity to greatly increase your income. It’s not guaranteed by any means, but the opportunity is there.

3. Flexibility

Want 6 weeks of vacation? Guess what? You’re boss, you can take as many as you want. Want to take Fridays and weekends off? No problem. Like playing the radio at your desk? Knock yourself out.

3 Cons Of Self Employment

1. The Buck Stops With You

While it’s true you’ll have no boss to answer to, you still have responsibilities. Payroll? That’s on you. Unhappy customers will ultimately be your responsibility as well. And then there’s the biggie of keeping the money flowing.

2. Taxes

While having some tax benefits, the self employed have a big tax negative: They have to pay all of their self-employment taxes. As an employee, your employer pays half. That adds up. Also, the self-employed aren’t eligible for unemployment should things not work out.

3. Failure Is A Serious Possibility

Starting your own business is a risky endeavor, and the reality is you could fail. In fact, the odds are that you will. You could lose everything you invested. This risk isn’t for everyone.

Owning one’s own business can be a rewarding and profitable decision, but it carries risk. Keep these pros and cons in mind before taking the plunge.

best blog sites


Best Blog Sites – A Review of the Top Blogging Platforms for Newbies

It is no secret that blogs are booming, they  are by far the most popular form of website or web presence to date. Thanks to the many free and user friendly blogging platforms available it is possible to start you own blog completely free and try your hand at this popular medium. The most popular blogging platforms are Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr & LiveJournal; all have various strength and drawbacks that should be taken into consideration before deciding on one.


WordPress could easily be named king of all blogging platforms. It is the most professional, customizable and is available as both a free hosted blogging platform, and as a CMS (content managing system) that can be installed on a regular hosting account for professional bloggers.

This platform is one of the best blog sites and is the CMS used by professional bloggers. It has a massive store of free themes, plug-ins and add-ons to enhance the features and customize the blog to what you need.  This is one of the few blogging platforms that allows for complete control over the code and customized options of your site. Although many other blogging networks provide plug-ins and add-ons there is no platform that can compete with WordPress as far as customization is concerned.

Among the best blog sites is Google’s blogging platform, Blogger (formerly known as BlogSpot), it is a great option for the casual or professional blogger. It is a very popular blogging platform due to its user friendliness and basic structure. It is the perfect choice for individuals who aren’t very tech savvy and just want a way to vent, connect with others, or talk about their passions online.

Blogger blogs can be monetized and it can be used to link back to your money site. Due to the somewhat unprofessional quality of the available themes blogger is rarely used by professional bloggers who depend on their sties to generate income. Because it is owned by Google Bloggers posts are indexed very quickly and tend to show up in search results faster than some other blogging platforms.


Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform that aims to meld blogging with social media like qualities, and can easily interconnect with Facebook and twitter to create a powerful social media promotion tool. It is a favorite for photo and media bloggers. The site offers a wide range of features, an extremely user friendly interface and a wide range of options to promote your content and share with others of similar interests. This is a great way to complement the social media aspect of your site or online business; it is a light weight interface and platform that integrates well with smart phones.

Blogs are easily one of the hottest online businesses today, and the great thing is, starting a blog is easy and in many instances totally free. By selecting one of the best blog sites to build your blog you can find your audience and share your passions, thoughts or rants with the world.

it works reviews


It Works Reviews – Get the Facts

One of the prime movers in the network marketing industry that hit the weight loss bulls eye,  It works is destined to reach great heights from the very start.  A lot of people are suffering from fat problems and most are really geared towards losing it, and with It Works in the picture and their exceptional body contouring system, they’re really one of the most sought after weight loss distributors.

Products for Their Target Market

With the It Works weight loss program, it dared to be a bit different as it veered away from just offering the normal weight loss supplements that promise to chop off all those excess, stubborn fat without the dreaded exercise and diet regimen.  There are tons of overweight and obese people who profess that they’d love to eliminate all the bulging eyesores but just can’t stick to diets and exercise.  With It Works reviews, you would at least get a grip on what you’d get beyond weight loss.

It Works specializes in body and skin makeover.  So anybody who has weight and skin problems can benefit from the products that they offer.  What gives them the edge over others is their Body Contouring, which makes use of a body wrap applicator that promises to deliver results in only 45 minutes.  You don’t even have to worry about systemic problems that you might get by taking supplements.  This makes use of the epidermal portals and exacts change by attacking stubborn fat through the skin.

Of course, their line also has the whole nine yards of anything about weight loss – supplements and power protein drinks and shakes – that promise to detoxify our systems, release negative substances and finally come out with a healthy, fit and toned body that we’ve always wanted to achieve.  Add to that the supplements that target the skin to combat the signs of aging and maintain a youthful skin glow.

It Works Reviews – Benefits:  Not Just for Your Body

This is the part where you don’t just benefit from the products of It Works.  When you decide to become a distributor of these products, it also allows you to earn income that could get massive if you do the business properly.  As with most MLM platforms, you get to earn by promoting the products and inviting others to join you in your business so the benefits extend to them as well.

Your testimonials would be important in this aspect, especially if you became a member because of the products.  It causes a chain reaction.  If you were lured into the business because you had some skin and weight problems of your own, chances are, you’ll try every product that they have.  Once change has become visible, you tend to continuously order from them.  Instead of just ordering, why not decide to become a distributor to gain benefits as well in terms of rebates for being a member and lifetime discounts for being the walking advertisements of the products?

Now, once you’ve experienced the benefits for your body and for your bank accounts, other people will see it.  When their curiosity strikes, that is a good chance to invite them over for them to personally see what It Works can do for their bodies, and even their lives.  Not only does it attack the issue of bodily problems; it also targets financial wellness for the people who are encouraged to do the business.

The MLM industry is actually a very good business portal – if you will really dedicate your time and effort to understanding the business.  The downside is that, even if you’re a member and you’re enjoying lifetime discounts, you won’t be maximizing your earning potential if you’re just content with earning through your personal purchases.  It is important to promote your business to others, encourage them not only for their financial wellness but for them to experience the benefits of their supplement line for overall good health.

Most it works reviews claim it will only work for you if you continually abide by the weight loss programs or whatever program is suited for you, and if you continue promoting it as your personal business.  It’s like hitting two birds with a single shot – It Works got your health covered, as well as your pockets!  So why not give it a shot and see for yourself how you can possibly have a healthier and wealthier lifestyle?

viral marketing


The Power of Viral Marketing

If you are new the internet marketing business, then you might not know too much about the power of viral marketing. With the growth and easy access to paid marketing platforms, viral marketing has taken a back seat, but you can capitalize on this trend (to make big profits). In this article, we will cover how this can be done with some simple strategies.

What is viral marketing?

Viral marketing is probably the best form of marketing as it is not based on fees. In fact, it is free, and will pay you for years into the future.

Once you launch the marketing strategy, it will continue to have an affect forever. This down to the nature of the internet (and how links are passed around naturally). As such, there are many websites today, which are not heavily marketed, but they still receive tons of traffic. This is viral marketing in action.

If you create a powerful viral marketing campaign, you will see results for years.

Use social media for viral purposes

There are many online marketers that use social media today, but spend thousands of dollars in the process. This is not an effective strategy, and the traffic will stop once they stop spending money.

Instead of that, you should think in terms of sending your message viral. This means you need to create some type of content, free offer, video or report that is so useful to people in your market, they will keep recommending it and passing it on to their friends. This is the most effective use of Facebook, and one of the intentions behind it.

In order to do this, you need to give the content away for free, but include a number of links to your website and your contact information. This will let people find you in a few years time, when the content is still being passed from person to person and being commented on.

The same can be done with YouTube. In essence, this is how the high traffic videos gained popularity. It was based on a few people sending a link to their friends and contacts. This is the process of viral marketing in action.

So, the key point here is to find out what your market wants. Find a problem that many of them seem to have (talk about on social media, comment on, etc). From here, you need to find a way to solve that problem for them. To do this, create a report, a video, or conduct an interview with an expert in the field.

The great thing about viral marketing is that you do not need to be the expert. You can simply be the person recommending the source of good information. Always remember to have contact information in your video, audio or written content. Ideally, you should send these people to a name capture page, so you have their email addresses for contact purposes.

If you implement this viral marketing strategy via social media, you can drastically reduce your marketing expenses.

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